The documentary on Led Zeppelin arrives in cinemas

The documentary on Led Zeppelin arrives in cinemas

The documentary 'Becoming Led Zeppelin' which chronicles the origins of the legendary British band will be shown in cinemas now that it has been acquired by Sony Classics Pictures. It is not yet known when the documentary will be available for viewing on cinema screens, but there is confidence.

The film, directed by Bernard MacMahonhad premiered at Venice Film Festival in 2021, but then all traces of it were lost. With the purchase by Sony Classics Pictures it came back to life and, apparently, the one seen in Venice was not the definitive version. The new version of the film promises to have interviews with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jonesas well as historical clips from John Bonham talking, with footage from the band's 1969 concert at the Fillmore West, the Atlanta Pop Festival and the Texas Pop Festival.

After news of the Sony deal broke, MacMahon said in a statement, “We spent years designing this film to be seen on the big screen in the best possible sound.” And the producer and co-writer
Allison McGourty
added: “Sony Pictures Classics is the perfect partner because we firmly believe in the theatrical experience and are passionate about giving the millions of Led Zeppelin fans the chance to see and hear them in theaters with the best screens and sound systems in the world. world.”

News of the film's making was first announced in 2019, when
Jimmy Page
praised MacMahon's work on the documentary series, American Icon. The guitarist of
Led Zeppelin
about the director he said, “When I saw everything Bernard had done both visually and sonically for the stunning achievement of 'American Epic,' I knew he was qualified to tell our story.”

Also the singer of Zeppelin
Robert Plant
spoke highly of MacMahon: “Seeing Will Shade and so many other important American musicians brought to life on the big screen in 'American Epic' inspired me to contribute to a very interesting and exciting story.”

Although it remains to be seen whether
'Becoming Led Zeppelin'
will be available for viewing in cinemas as early as 2024, the documentary has been talked about again after many years. The now re-edited film is said to focus primarily on the early days of their career and reportedly concludes with the release of the album “Led Zeppelin II” (

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