That time The Kolors made a record with (ex) Oasis

That time The Kolors made a record with (ex) Oasis

Try to imagine the scene. The Kolors together with two former Oasis in a recording studio. And not just any study, but the Metropolis of Londonat number 70 Chiswick High Road, in the heart of the neighborhood that gave its name to Chiswick Records, therecord label symbol of punk, behind the albums of the Hammersmith Gorillas, Motörhead, Joe Strummer's 101ers (who later left the group to make history with the Clash) and Shane MacGowan. What are Stash Fiordispino and his associates doing in 2016? walls that have seen the birth of rock masterpieces such as “Innuendo” and “Made in heaven” by Queen, “Urban hymns” by the Verve, “The second coming” by the Stone Roses and “Back to black” by Amy Winehousewith

Gem Archer And Andy Bell, respectively former guitarist and former bassist of the “Wonderwall” band and both of whom later merged, after the dissolution of Oasis, into Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye? Simple: they are naturally recording a song. It may seem incredible, but it's all true.

They arrived at “Amici” in 2015 after having been the resident band of a historic club in Milan like Le Scimmie for a long time, suggested to Maria De Filippi by Francesco Sarcina of Le Vibrazioni when they already had an album under their belt, “I want” , with arrangements signed by a certain Rocco Tanicain 2016 Antonio “Stash” Fiordispino (did you know that It's called that because of a line in Pink Floyd's “Money”.? “Money, it's a gas / grab the cash with both hands and make a stash”), his cousin Alex Fiordispino and Daniele Mona are fresh from the overwhelming success achieved with the victory at the Canale 5 talent show, intending to surf the wave but without getting overwhelmed.

With “Everytime” they had literally become a hit, after “Amici”: chosen as the soundtrack for their commercial by a well-known telephone company, the song had allowed the album “Out” to achieve the beauty of four platinum records and to sell 200 thousand copies, remaining for .twelve weeks at the top of the official Fimi/Gfk ranking of the best sellers in Italy. With “You”, the album they are writing, The Kolors want claim the fact that they are not really a band for girls, but a group that plays. And how, if it sounds.

This is precisely what they will tell in the interviews linked to the release of “You”, speaking of the album as a record that wants to try to reposition the band, maintaining some traits of its pop phase, but explaining its roots while simultaneously trying to propose an innovative sound (at least for the Italian context). They emphasize that they are raised on bread, XTC and Pink Floydpepper the songs of acid and rock guitar solos, obsessively take care of the sound of the album (the production is by Tommaso Colliva, already alongside Afterhours, Ministri, Marta Sui Tubi and Muse; the mixing is by “Spike” Stent, former sound engineer for Madonna, Coldplay and Muse themselves ). AND they displace.

The song that The Kolors recorded together with Gem Archer and Andy Bell is entitled “Dream alone”. Just for the title alone, It sounds like something out of an Oasis album from the golden years. It is precisely the imagination of Noel and Liam Gallagher's band that Stash and his companions look to while writing and recording the song: everything comes back. “I wrote it as a voice and guitar demo, in that vein. One of our collaborators knows the musicians of the Oasis scene, I asked them to listen to it just for feedback. We met for a beer in London and their response was 'Can we join in?', can we play? Our thesis is that the greatness of an artist is proportional to how much he gets, and they were very great”.

There will be time to become popular again with some catchphrase, be it the straight bass of “Italodisco” or “A boy a girl”: for now, let's let them dream. Not alone.