Ten years ago Roberto "Freak" Antoni left us

Ten years ago Roberto “Freak” Antoni left us

Roberto “Freak” Antonifounder and frontman of Skiantos he was born in Bologna on 16 April 1954 and died, not even 60 years old, on 12 February 2014. To remember him, on the tenth anniversary of his death, we offer you a collection of live performances of “classic” pieces from the repertoire of the Skiantostaken mainly from the second album – and first “official” – of the Bolognese band, “Monotonous” (read the review here).

“Bau bau baby” (Bologna 1978)

“Karabigniere Blues” – (Florence 2004)

“Largo avantgarde” (1979)

“Heptadone” (2009)

“Vortex” (Bologna 2012)

“I am a Skianto” – (Florence 2004)

“I love you like crazy (sex and karnazza)”

“Panka rock” – (Bologna 2012)

“I like naughty girls”

“I’m a rebel mother” – (Florence 2010)