Tedua at the Hippodrome of Milan: his Paradise is on stage

Tedua at the Hippodrome of Milan: his Paradise is on stage

It wasn’t easy at all after a tour of the arenas with over 100 thousand tickets sold, show up at the Snai Hippodrome in San Siro and put on an effective show, linked to the successful imagery already created, but at the same time fresh and with some innovationsand all this by making relevant numbers.

The scepter

Il Paradiso, the one that Tedua published last May as the deluxe version of the recording project “The divine Comedy”and which he has sought for a long time on a human and artistic maturity level, even suffering amidst the uncertainties of the pandemic, is exactly there, on that stage, in front of more than 30,000 fans in the first sold-out date of a double event at the I-Days of which he is the first Italian headliner. It is a light conquered and deserved, fruit of work and dedication, it is the closing of a cycle: the Genoese rapper, on tour this summer, confirms himself as one of the strongest and most complete in the live dimension. And he also jokes about it when Lazza arrives on stage with whom, among the new generation names, he shares the scepter: “Aside from that sacred monster Salmo, people are fighting over who is the strongest between me and Jacopo in concert”smiles Tedua. Lazza sneers, gets something off his chest and also makes a spoiler: “Many people have recently dubbed us as ‘those who have become pop’: well, we’re about to release the most powerful banger that we have ever written”.

Visual impact

The setting of the show is, obviously, the already structured and tried-and-tested one seen in the arenas: a constant dialogue between the rap/urban part and the instrumental part possible thanks to the band and the choir. But there is no shortage of news. The scenography is reduced, as in all outdoor and summer dimensions, but it is anything but bare and down-to-earth: at the center of the stage there is a sort of small altar, the large LED walls project evocative visuals themed on Paradise and stairs suspended in the air and in movement, reminiscent of the magical architecture of Giorgio de Chiricotake the viewer from the flames of Hell to the candor of Eden. This lack of desire to cut on the visual impact front, demonstrates once again how much the artist places attention on the concept of 360° show. There are also new sound ideas, far from obvious: on “Luggage”one of the most beautiful and sincere tracks in his discography, and on “Guardian Angel”, sung with the champion Angelina Mangofor example, some arches played live to make the songs even stronger and more emotional.

Pressing ladder

The setlist is more pressing, the songs sometimes break up, they follow one after the other in a rightly more fluid and lighter way than in the arenas: Tedua holds the stage with personality, he raps tightly on the new “Kill Bill”, lets loose the words on the solo acoustic guitar that kicks off “Oc California” and duets with “Annalisa”, who is technically a lioness, on “Beatrice”. He is credible in everything he does and stands out even when he shares the stage with colleagues from the urban world like Tony Effe, insufficient, the excellent Kid Yugithe stylish Sfera Ebbasta, as well as his Ligurian pirate companions Bresh, Disme and Vaz Tè. It’s a shame Izi is absent. “The group”, “the crew”, the “collective” are another central aspect in Tedua’s narrative. In the midst of all this, the artist, who towards the end of the live show is more relaxed and chatty, does not forget his role as a “motivational rapper”, as he likes to define himself: launches messages against hatred on social media, asks the public to always be polite and never overbearing following one of his mantras: “I wish that your humility does not turn into insecurity and that your security does not turn into arrogance”.

A treasure among the people

Fans are one of the great treasures of the Ligurian artist: just think of the operation born from the bottom, wanted by his Official Fan Club, which led to the creation of a pop up where you can see some exclusive content. In the afternoon, the girls and boys queuing to visit it are many. At the opening of the evening, to embellish the first turning point of the double appointment of Tedua, space for 21Savageone of the most popular rappers in America. After taking the stage with a Juventus shirt creating frost, puts on a very linear performance which however never really peaks. Although the choice of inserting him before Tedua in the order of release was criticized, the gap between the two, in terms of performance and audience warmth, was evident. In the final “Outro La Divina Commedia”, sung among the people, becoming one with his audienceTedua raps: “I’m close to Heaven, now I can see the door. I’ve managed to become another person. A better one, without losing my stuff”. He definitely became a better artist. And he did it respecting himself, his audience and the idea of ​​art who has always guided him.

Intro The Divine Comedy
Angel in hell
You know it
Artificial paradise with Kid Yugi
Eve with Kid Yugi
Lo-Fi 4U
Paradise II
Mixed Blood + The law of the strongest + Shopping bags
Kill Bill
Tar with Lazza
Vulgar with Lazza
Red Light
It will blow
Oc California
Step by step with Bresh
Jolly Roger with Disme, Bresh and Vaz Tea
Blueface with Vaz Tea and Disme
Beatrice with Annalisa
Calm sea
Lingerie with Sphere Ebbasta
Hoe with Sfera Ebbasta
Guardian angel with Angelina Mango
Wasabi 2.0 + Tell me what’s up
Outro The Divine Comedy