The film “The Eras Tour” reveals Taylor Swift's priorities

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour will end in December

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, one of the largest live productions ever staged in the history of contemporary popular music, will end on December 8th in Vancouver, Canada: the artist herself announced it during the hundredth date of the tours, held yesterday at the Anfield stadium in Liverpool, Great Britain.

“This tour is the most exhausting, all-encompassing, joyful, rewarding and wonderful thing that has happened to me in my life,” said the American artist: “The celebration of the 100th show for me means that this is the first time I admit to myself same that this tour will end in December. Now it seems like a distant deadline, but we always feel like we're on the first date.”

“This tour has really become my whole life,” Swift continued: “It's taken over everything. I think I had hobbies once, but I don't know what they are anymore, because all I do when I'm not on stage is think of mashups of acoustic songs that you might like and think about what you might want to listen to. When I'm not on stage, I dream of going back with you guys.”

The Era Tour began on March 17 last year in Glendale, Arizona: overall, the tour calendar includes 152 dates, 75 of which in North America, 9 in South America, 10 in Asia, 7 in Oceania and 51 in Europe (including the two scheduled at the Meazza stadium in San Siro, in Milan, next 13 and 14 July). To date, the live operation, with a gross box office taking of just over a billion dollars, boasts the record for the richest tour ever, surpassing – in terms of box office revenue – the tours of (in order) Elton John , Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, U2, Harry Styles, Guns N' Roses, Beyoncé and Rolling Stones.