Svampeide: a day “with” Nanni Svampa in Milan

Svampeide: a day “with” Nanni Svampa in Milan

Tuesday 23 April at the Elfo Puccini Theatre the Nanni Svampa Association in “Vampeid” brings together exceptional guests to analyze the versatility and relevance of his work, for what is a day of many voices “with” Nanni Svampa.

Nanni Svampa (1938/2017), multifaceted and unforgettable artist, chansonnier, actor, writer and much more, is a figure that is difficult to summarize in a few words.

If there are no words to describe it, you can then invent one that brings them all together: SVAMPEID like the title of this show, a journey into the work of the Milanese who, starting from his city, was able to conquer the world.

He was the founder (with Gianni Magni, Roberto Brivio And Lino Patruno) of the Owls and first translator of Brassens into Italian as well as Milanese. His work ranges from cabaret to satire, from songs (in Italian and dialect) to research on the Lombard popular tradition, from books to television, from cinema to theatre.

Nanni Svampa's production is very rich and deserves to be explored and rediscovered, to highlight not only its historical and artistic value, but above all its current relevance.

To do this, theNanni Svampa Association organizes in the Bausch Hall of the Elfo Puccini Theater (Corso Buenos Aires 33) from 9.45 to 17.00 on Tuesday 23 April 2024, a day of meetings and memories full of interventions by scholars and collaborators, presenting archive and unpublished materials to amaze the enthusiasts and make even the youngest discover the visionary nature of the Milanese artist.

In the morning, from 9.45am, space for scholars who have explored his work in depth:
Flavio Oregliofamous comedian, delves into the peculiarities of vampy humor, the music critic Enrico De Angelis (Tenco Award) highlights their musical value starting from their meetings. Svampa's life is instead at the center of the work of Michele Sancisi, journalist and official biographer. Instead, he deals with cinematographic incursions Simone Del Vecchiodirector of the film “Nanni 70”.

The stature of her work also makes Svampa the subject of academic studies: the Frenchist Mirella Conenna talks about his brilliant transpositions into Italian and Milanese of the production of his father of singer-songwriters, George Brassenswhile the ethnomusicologist Pietro Bianchi it helps to understand, in addition to the language, the depth of his research work in the field of popular song.

The second part of the day, starting from 2pm, is instead the time for a round table among the friends who knew him and shared stories, projects and concerts with Svampa, in a whirlwind of memories, anecdotes, quotes and short stories. free.

The second part of the day will open on stage “Blaze my way”. an unpublished recital by the last of Nanni Svampa's guitarists, Luca Maciacchini:

The jazz musicians will then talk about it Lino Patrunotravel companion on the Owls' adventure and beyond, ed Enrico Intratogether with Fiorenzo Grassiprotagonist of half a century of theatre.

In the presence of many artists who wanted to collect Nanni Svampa's legacy, including i Duperdu And Claudio Sanfilippoi Barlafus, Daniele Fumagalli, the Gotturni, Duosteria Lombarda (Mastro Falco) Francesco Pellicini.

They also intervene Massimo Cecconicultural promoter, the Frenchman Leo Schena And Mario Mascioli, co-translator with Svampa of Brassens' complete works into Italian.

The playwright, voice actor, actor and director Silvano Piccardi coordinates a dynamic and brilliant day, with the aim of paying homage to the charisma of an epochal artist.

The event is free, with reservations on Eventbrite or on [email protected]

Nanni Svampa Association

Founded in 2017 by the artist's family to preserve the memory and work of Nanni Svampa, the association has organized several important events, including concerts dedicated to Svampa's work: the first is a large tribute concert at the Piccolo Teatro, six months after his disappearance on August 26, 2017.

Among the latest, during the Sforza Summer 2021, the well-attended concert-show “Inseparable like the tram tracks”, dedicated to Roberto Brivio and Nanni Svampa

He is also responsible for carrying forward one of Nanni Svampa's dreams, the conferment of Degrees HUMORIS CAUSA to artists who have already graduated. The first “humor graduate” in 2022 in the Aula Magna of Bocconi University was Cristiano Militello.