Steve Hackett talks about Phil Collins' health

Steve Hackett talks about Phil Collins’ health

In a recent chat with the British newspaper The Telegraph Steve Hackett he also had the opportunity to talk about his former bandmate Phil Collinsregarding the state of health of the latter who has been living with major spinal problems for some time now, over fifteen years.

Steve Hackett speaking precisely of the 73 year old Phil Collins she commented wistfully, “I mean, my God. I’ll always love Phil. I’m sorry, I’m speechless. He doesn’t deserve what happened to him.”

Phil Collins he suffered a serious spinal injury in 2007. This made it virtually impossible for him to play the drums, forcing him to use a cane or wheelchair to get around. In March 2022 Phil Collins closed the his live career with i Genesis at the O2 Arena in London where he performed sitting in a wheelchair singing and playing the tambourine.

Upon leaving, he joked to the audience, saying, “Now I’ll have to get a real job.” In that last concert, Phil’s son, , sat behind the drums of the English band.Nic Collins.

Last year Phil’s bandmate in Genesis spoke about how Phil was doing on BBC Breakfast Mike Rutherford, who said: “As you know, Phil is a little… He’s a lot more still than before, which is a shame, he was in a good mood during the tour. Now he is happy at home and enjoying life. He has worked really hard all these years. I think he is enjoying his rest at home.”