Slipknot on stage with the mysterious new drummer

Slipknot on stage with the mysterious new drummer

The Slipknot they returned to perform live for the first time afterward the departure of Jay Weinberg. The return to the scene took place last night on the occasion of Sick New World Festival of Las Vegas.

It has long been speculated that the new drummer is Eloy Casagrandeleaked from Burial, but the official confirmation of the musician's name did not arrive last night either. However, the Musicradar website takes for granted the confirmation of the name of the new member of the band. According to what the online newspaper reports, after seeing him on stage “the new drummer looks, moves and plays like Eloy Casagrande”.

The site then adds a further detail on the brand of the instrument. “In preparation for their headlining performance at the festival – writes the publication – the nine-piece played a warm-up set at Pappy and Harriet's, a barbecue restaurant in Pioneertown, California. The drum kit is a huge Tama Starclassic, with four bass drums and what appears to be a Tama Bell Brass snare drum.” Instrumentation – according to the magazine – can be traced back, in terms of brand and set up, to that of Eloy Casagrande whose similar “body language” is also noted on this occasion on the website.

The whole “drummer gate” thing started when Jay Weinberg was suddenly fired from the band last November. In the welter of hypothetical replacements, Sepultura's then drummer, Eloy Casagrande, became a favorite among the band's fans. Assuming that he could play in both formations.

Shortly thereafter, Sepultura announced their farewell tour and within a few weeks, confirmed that Casagrande would be leaving the band.

Since then there has been a ballet of “seats” on which various musicians have sat: the former drummer of Suicidal Tendencies, Grayson Nekrutman, sat behind the drums in Sepultura in Casagrande's place; Jay Weinberg – free from commitments with Slipknot and already on board the Infectious Grooves – has joined the Suicidal Tendencies.

Setlist of the Sick New World Festival concert in Las Vegas.

People = Shit
Before I Forget
The Heretic Anthem
Wait and Bleed
Spit It Out