Slash: his solo album comes out tomorrow

Slash: his solo album comes out tomorrow

Two years after “4”, made with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, will be available from tomorrow 17 May, “Orgy Of The Damned”, the new album by slashwhich, free from the constraints of the Guns n'Roses band, returns to the roots of popular music and pays homage to the blues.

“Orgy of the Damned” is a collection of 12 songs that revitalize blues classics with a very personal and essential approach. Celebrating both famous and little-known songs, slash he invigorates the songs with his style and spirit of collaboration with all the guests called to play with him.

For “Orgy of the Damned”, the guitarist reunited with the historic producer Mike Clink and wanted several guests with him, including: Gary Clark Jr, Billy F. Gibbons, Chris Stapleton, Dorothy, Iggy Pop, Paul Rodgers, Demi Lovato, Brian Johnson, Tash Neal, Chris Robinson and Beth Hart.

To complete his studio blues band, Slash reunited with two of his bandmates Bluesball of the 90s, the bass player Johnny Griparic and the keyboard player Teddy 'ZigZag' Andreadisas well as the drummer Michael Jerome and the singer/guitarist Tash Neal.

The first single “Killing Floor” you see Brian Johnson (AC/DC) under the heading e Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) to the harmonica (Read here)

The second single “Oh Well” features the country star Chris Stapleton on vocals, and it is a blues folk reinterpretation of the Fleetwood Maca song written by the band's original founder Peter Green.

Regarding the choice slash He says:

So, these are the original Fleetwood Mac, founded by Peter Green, one of the greatest guitarist-singers, less known to the public, but very well known to us British blues guitarists of the 60s, and who ranks at the level of Eric Clapton , Jeff Beck and Nick Taylor. He had kind of a drug mishap and disappeared early in his career, but he had some great fucking songs and “Oh Well” is one of my favorites. I remember hearing it on the radio when I was probably 13, and they usually played both the old version of Fleetwood Mac and the new version of the band with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. I've always loved this song, with a great guitar riff. I played it with Blues Ball in the 90s and have played it live here and there. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to include it on this record. It was also one of the songs that I was trying to figure out who would be the right singer for, and one of the ideas I had was Chris Stapleton, who is one of the most brilliant songwriters today. He also has such a gritty and distinctive voice, so I called him and he did an amazing job. I mean, his voice is so beautiful.

“Orgy of the Damned” is a journey into the different styles of blues, which passes through personal rereadings of “Crossroads” by Robert Johnson and “Stormy Monday” by T. Bone Walker. Some songs, such as Steppenwolf's “The Pusher”, Charlie Segar's “Key to the Highway” and Albert King's “Born Under a Bad Sign”, had already been performed by Bluesball by Slash, while others, like Stevie Wonder's “Living for the City,” are among Slash's favorites. “Hoochie Coochie Man”, written by Willie Dixon and made famous by Muddy Waters in 1954, shows the power of the album with this version for the album made with Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top which intervenes on guitar and vocals.

The group gathered in a rehearsal room in North Hollywood and began working out the songs. Everything was played live in the room, with a lot of improvisation resulting in a dynamic, energetic, direct and immediate collection of songs.

“Orgy of the Damned” It is available digitally, on vinyl and on CD.

The tracklist

The Pusher (Ft. Chris Robinson)
Cossroads (Ft. Gary Clark Jr.)
Hochie Coochie Man (Ft. Billy F. Gibbons)
Oh Well (Ft. Chris Stapleton)
Key to the Highway (Ft. DOROTHY)
Awful Dream (Ft. Iggy Pop)
Born Under a Bad Sign (Ft. Paul Rodgers)
Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Ft. Demi Lovato)
Killing Floor (Ft. Brian Johnson)
Living for the City (Ft. Tash Neal)
Stormy Monday (Ft. Beth Hart)
Metal Chestnut

A few days before the album's release Slash played at the Forum in Milan. Read the review here