Sergio Caputo remixes "Coffee"

Sergio Caputo remixes “Coffee”

The remix of “Caffè” by Sergio Caputo has been released in digital and video format. In the song, written a few years ago, Sergio Caputo tries to project, like in the cinema, the avalanche of images that can crowd his mind and that have often been translated into songs. “Caffè” is a Latin piece, which is already played in concert, and which speaks of coffee as a symbol, the light at the end of the tunnel.

In the video, made with a “dream” technique – full of frenetic cuts, changes of situations and blurring as happens in dreams – the artist lets us enter his mind and interact with him with situations and characters created by his imagination, having as a common thread the pulsating rhythm that accompanies his Latin guitar.

Joined on this journey by Ophelie Laroche – French singer and drummer – who in addition to playing plays the bride fleeing from some dark threat, Caputo brings into his world often defined as surreal. The self-quotation in the song “I’m a free spirit” will not be missed, nor the cameo of his wife Cristina in the role of Zorro. The song is remixed by the mysterious Kamammury and will also be available in Spanish and French.