Mauro Pagani at Villa Arconati with "Creuza de ma"... and more

Mauro Pagani at Villa Arconati with “Creuza de ma”… and more

On Tuesday 2 July at the Villa Arconati Festival (Milan) Mauro Pagani arrives, who will re-present the songs from the famous album “Crêuza de Mä”, written together with Fabrizio De André forty years ago.
Pagani will be accompanied by a crew of 6 musicians and a backing singer and a backing singer, to perform the songs from the album (which he himself re-read and re-proposed in a new version twenty years ago). Some of the musicians who will be on stage with him (Eros Cristiani and Joe Damiani), also participated in this new recording, while Mario Arcari had already contributed to the first recording of the album.

Here is the band that will play at Villa Arconati: Mauro Pagani (vocals, violin, bouzouki), Mario Arcari (wind instruments), Eros Cristiani (keyboards), Giovanni “Joe” Damiani (drums), Max Gelsi (bass), Claudio Dadone (guitars), Badara Seck and Elena Nulchis (backing vocals), Walter Porro (multi-instrumentalist arranger – musical director).
In the concert Pagari will also perform other songs from his collaborations with De André and others from his solo repertoire.