Sanremo 2024: the most used words in songs

Sanremo 2024: the report cards of the evening of covers and duets

Also for this 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival, Friday evening is reserved for covers. The thirty participants in the competition were given the right to choose a national or international piece, from another’s or their own repertoire, published by 31 December 2023. Each of the competitors is supported by another artist (or more artists in the case of groups or orchestras) . The covers (which therefore enter into the final score) are judged by the three juries: the televoting, the press room, web and TV and the radio jury.

At the end of the performances and voting, the ranking is updated and the top five classified in the covers will be announced. The first in the ranking will be the winner of the evening. Among the guests who will join the competitors on stage this evening we find some returning winners (Gabbani, Ermal Meta, Moro, Vecchioni, Umberto Tozzi), some debuts (Luchè, Venerus) and some artists who have chosen to present not covers but a medley of their hits (Renga and Nek, Ricchi and Poveri).

French Saints with Skin, “Hallelujah”: 6

They told us that they were inspired by Rufus Wainwright’s version, that they wanted to make a stripped-down and desacralized version. There would be a moratorium on this song: but they take it home, thanks to Skin and thanks to the arrangement which changes the meter a bit at the end.

Fiorella Mannoia with Francesco Gabbani, “Let her be blessed”/”Occidentali’s Karma”: 7

In 2017 she was the favourite, he was the outsider who won, and he knelt down as a sign of respect: it was a wonderful gesture and the idea for this cover celebrates that moment. The second part is especially beautiful, in which the two play on “Occidentali’s karma”, with Fiorella dancing and at the end even laughing. They have fun and entertain us.

Irloves with Riccardo Cocciante, “When love ends”: 5
The two go back to 1974 on the song by the singer-songwriter of Italian-Vietnamese origins who won the Festival in 1991 with “If we’re together”. Nice vocal tracks, but too courtly atmosphere and interpretations.

Bnkr44 with Pino D’Angiò, “But what idea”: 6
A meeting dedicated to funky rhythm and rap. Song from 1981. The Tuscan collective re-proposes the piece in a fun and entertaining way, D’Angiò practically doesn’t sing, but dances and acts like a true icon.

Alfa with Roberto Vecchioni, “Dream, boy, dream”: 8
Generational spin: another Sanremo debutant with a veteran of the song who participated in Sanremo as an author and in 2011 even won it with “Chiamami anchor amore”. The Professor has already duetted at the Festival: in 2006 with Nomadi. The result is an emotional and moving embrace of voices. The young Genoese, at the end, adds some new verses, well-chosen and profound. One of the most significant moments of the evening.

The Kolors with Umberto Tozzi, medley of Umberto Tozzi’s hits: 6

Here too a medley, here too the songs are a bit stuck to each other, with the drums pounding. Tozzi always has a great voice, but it has a bit of a karaoke effect – which is the aim of the evening. Too bad: we could give more.

Gazelles with Fulminacci, “Night before the exams”: 8
All-Roman duet on a 1984 song by Antonello Venditti. Fulminacci returns to Ariston after his participation in the race in 2021 with “Santa Marinella”. Delicate and respectful cover, in some situations sung with eyes closed. She comes from the heart. When you choose the right cover, the results are these.

Rose Villain with Gianna Nannini, “Scandalo”, “Marvelous creature” and “You are in the soul”: 5
Two generations and two different musical styles meeting. Gianna Nannini has only ever attended the Ariston stage as a guest, never competing. A frayed medley, there is no bridge between the songs, all different from each other.

Annalisa with La Representative di Lista and the Artemia choir, “Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)”: 8

The same arrangement as the Eurythmics original, with the gospel choir: Annie Lennox is unreachable, but a beautiful version. Applause in the press room

Sangiovanni with Aitana, Medley of “Farfalle” and “Mariposas”: 5
The singer-songwriter is supported by the Spanish Aitana who brought “Farfalle” to the Iberian peninsula which became “Mariposas”. Sangio convinces us more in the uptempo version, this cover adds nothing.