BabelNova Orchestra: who are the musicians with Dargen D'Amico

BabelNova Orchestra: who are the musicians with Dargen D’Amico

And the BabelNova Orchestra to accompany Dargen D’amico in the performance of “Modigliani”, a song by the Milanese rapper which will be transformed into a tribute to Ennio Morricone.

The BabelNova Orchestra was born a few months ago from the experience of the project Orchestra of Piazza Vittoriothe Roman multi-ethnic musical collective, founded 20 years ago by Mario Tronco And Agostino Ferrente.

The new project, more a collective than an orchestra, is a formation of 12 elements from all over the world and led by the double bass player Pino Pecorelli. Compared to the previous project, the BabelNova Orchestra, with the inclusion of some younger, second generation musicians, opens up in a musical sense by including more funk and urban sounds but maintaining a solid world inspiration: Mediterranean pop, Sufi reminiscences, wind instruments jazz, rocking guitars, hints of cumbia, mariachi explosions, dub rhythms.

Today Italy is in fact a multi-ethnic society. And the musicians who arrived more than 20 years ago, now inserted into the Italian cultural and social fabric, reinterpret and reread the new cultural context in which music has changed but above all the relationship between the sounds of their countries of origin and the current Italian scene.

The BabelNova orchestra is made up of musicians of great value, starting from the founder Pino Pecorelli, a musician who has ranged from cinema to theatre, collaborating with artists such as Mario Martone, Avion Travel, Matthew Herbert. With him other elements of value including the singer, musician and composer Tunisian Ziad Trabelsithe musician and singer Ecuadorian Carlos Paz, popularizer of South American music; The Tunisian Houcine Ataaone of the best interpreters of Sufi singing.

The drummer, percussionist and singer is also part of the project Cuban Ernesto Lopez, grew up in some of the most famous orchestras on the island, and then collaborated in Italy with Laura Pausini, Biagio Antonacci, Francesca Michielin, Enrico Rava and others.

The BabelNova Orchestra stopped by the Rockol Lounge at Club Tenco this afternoon to play: here is the video of the performance

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The guitarist and author of soundtracks for cinema and theater comes from heterogeneous musical fields (world, jazz, rock) Emanuele Bultrini, with various collaborations under his belt, from Colle der Fomento to Alex Infascelli. He is also a long-time artist, saxophonist, composer and producer Peppe D’Argenzioamong the founders of Avion Travel in 1980, with which he won the Sanremo Festival in 2000. He has written music for cinema and theater collaborating with Lina Wertmuller, Enzo Moscato, Iaia Forte.

Then there’s the drummer Davide Savarese who, in addition to playing in Motta’s band, collaborates with Margherita Vicario, the American rapper Skyzoo, Tullio De Piscopo and Whitemary. In the band too Duilio Galioto, keyboard player for Daniele Silvestri, but who throughout his career has intertwined his path with Max Gazzè, Giovanni Truppi, Manuel Agnelli, Paola Turci, Marina Rei. It’s still: the Argentine Raul Scebba, symphonic percussionist also specialized in Afro-Cuban rhythms and instruments, former member of Tamburi del Vesuvio and also alongside Fiorella Mannoia, Javier Girotto, Aires Tango. In the lineup we also find the trumpeter Peruvian Roman Villanuevamember of several Jazz orchestras in South America, with whom he performed on tour for years

Finally, the youngest Simone Ndiaye, Roman multi-instrumentalist of Senegalese originsa graduate of the Santa Cecilia Conservatory who passes easily from fusion to metal