Sanremo 2024: the most used words in songs

Sanremo 2024: the report cards and votes of the final

In the final, i.e. the fifth and final evening of February 10th, all 30 competing songs are reinterpreted again. The general ranking that was determined at the end of the previous fourth evening is communicated to the public: the average between the percentages of votes obtained in the evening and those obtained in the previous evenings will determine a new general ranking of the 30 songs which will be communicated to the public at the beginning evening. We start from there, then the performances begin. At the end of the evening there will be another ranking determined by televoting, also taking into account the previous ones. At that point the names of the top 5 classified will be known, who will perform their songs again. Previous votes will be canceled and a new public vote will be taken with televoting (34%), the press room, TV and web (33%) and the radio (33%). The song with the highest overall percentage of votes obtained in this last vote will be proclaimed the winner of Sanremo 2024.

Below are our report cards for the performances in the final:

Dargen D’Amico – “High Wave”: 7

Dargen is never banal, he is light and profound, like his song which addresses the theme of migration. One of the most important authors of the new generation.

Gazelles – “That’s All”: 7
A composed Festival, with a beautiful song, a ballad with a stand-out arrangement. Flavio didn’t change his nature, he arrived at Ariston to “not sell anything”, as he told us, but only to tell his story.

Big Mama – “Anger is not enough for you”: 6

Marianna is one of the great discoveries of this Festival. The piece is normal, but what this girl expresses, the world she wants to tell, is very interesting and deserves to be listened to.

Renga Nek – “Crazy about you”: 5
Theirs was a Sanremo lived with a smile, without pretensions, in the name of friendship. The piece adds nothing to their career.