Rose Villain: “The new album is a flower that emerges from the concrete”

Rose Villain: “The new album is a flower that emerges from the concrete”

In “Radio Gotham”, his first album, he told his shadows and his ghosts, with “Click Boom!”a song presented at the Sanremo Festival 2024, showed that it is possible to experience a love even if imperfect, now, with her second album, “Radio Sakura”, Rose Villain wants to flourish, hence the title with the reference to the “cherry blossom”a symbol of prosperity in Japanese culture.

The sequel

“It is said that when a woman gives birth to her first child it is a drama while the second arrives much more easily. This is exactly what happened for my second album – says Rose Villain – this second birth of mine was much easier than the first. After 'Radio Gotham', the previous work, I already had a great desire to write new songs. But I had a lot of immediate commitments: promos, concerts, etc. And, musically, in those months, I released little that was new: it has arrived 'Strawberries' with Achille Lauro in summer and little else. I had many shots in the barrel, which I had accumulated. I am someone who writes a lot, if I were given a blank sheet of paper and a pen now I would definitely try to write a text.” After finishing 'Radio Gotham' she went to New York for a month. “It's my safe place, and there, during that time, I wrote all the new songs. I didn't do it in a hurry, it was as if the record was already inside me, which is why it arrived so decisively – she recalls – 'Radio Gotham' feels like a place of nostalgia and sadness, I was afraid of not being understood at that time. I brought out fragilities, but people, in reality, they immediately understood me. It was wonderful. It's as if my stories have become them too. All this gave me confidence, took away the fear of digging inside myself.”

Feeling “transparent”

The second chapter goes further. “'Radio Sakura' is more intimate, perhaps more raw. It's a record where I'm more direct. The love I received allowed me to flourish and encouraged me to try to become the artist I always wanted to be – she reveals – now I feel confident, artistically. 'Radio Gotham' represented, visually, dark clouds, this second chapter is the ray of sunshine peeking out behind those clouds. It's a record of hope, even if it deals with several heavy topics, but it does so always trying to give a feeling of 'improvement'.” The album starts from private stories, but broadens the lens.

“I felt like dedicating this album to women and it is inaugurated with a first track, “Hattori Hanzo” with Madame, which means a lot – continues the rapper and singer-songwriter – Flowers remind me of women, flowers are certainly romantic, but also resistant. Flowers also sprout from concrete. Well, all this reminds me of being a woman and this project. It is a record that starts from a personal dimension, but also speaks to a community because issues such as mental health, the fear of not being loved or that of not being appreciated concern everyone. The song 'Transparent' talks about not being noticed, not being seen, which is the worry of our generation. Even in this piece, however, there is light in the ending: I start by saying 'no one sees me', but then I react and say 'so, you know what? Even if you don't love me, I love myself alone. I'll make myself heard.' Well, I would like songs like this to convey strength. In 'Bad Thoughts' with thasup he has an important change: despite talking about mental health problems, he then comes to an attempt at personal appreciation. There is hope.”

Many styles, but with a precise tone

Madame, Ernia, Bresh, thasup and Gué are the guests, but the real added value is the heterogeneity of the project. “I feel like I can jump from punk to rap to bachata, while still maintaining my own identity. I believe that timbre and writing certainly help in this process of distinction – he concludes – I searched for 'my sound' for a long time, I wrote many songs before arriving at what I wanted. Rap helped me. Today I believe I am able to blend the words, even those spoken more tightly, with the pop melody, bringing to light both my most intimate part and the most badass one as happened in 'Click Boom!' at the Sanremo Festival”.