Rod Stewart "I went to see the Rolling Stones, there were 12 people"

Rod Stewart “I went to see the Rolling Stones, there were 12 people”

Rod Stewart he was a guest on the US television show The Kelly Clarkson Show and, among other things, he remembered the day he saw i Rolling Stones playing in front of just 12 people. That was the first time ever that the English musician saw him perform live Rolling Stones.

This, below, is the memory of the 79-year-old Rod Stewart: “Oh, it was at a place called Eel Pie Island.

It was a small ballroom in Twickenham, there were 12 people. Mick’s girlfriend was called Chrissy Shrimpton, she was the sister of the great model Jean Shrimpton. My girlfriend and her girlfriend were friends and they said to each other: ‘Come and see my singer, my boyfriend, he’s a singer’. She replied: ‘Oh, my boyfriend is a singer too.’ So, I went there, looked around and there was literally no one there. They all played while sitting on stools.”

Then Rod named the first guitarist of the British band who died in 1969 at the age of 27, Brian Jones: “Brian Jones was in the band. Then, within six months or a year, they exploded.”

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