Rod Stewart: "I live with a broken nose so I don't lose my voice"

Rod Stewart: “I live with a broken nose so I don't lose my voice”

Rod Stewart He has always had a broken nose after an accident on a football pitch, his great passion. The 78-year-old British musician, who recently released the album “Swing fever” with Jools Holland, spoke about it in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. Asked if he had worked to make his voice so raspy and distinctive, he revealed that his voice was the result of an accident.

This is the answer Rod Stewart: “I do not have.

worked to make it hoarse. That's just how she came out. It has something to do with my nose and throat, and it's just a big accident.”

Evidently in the mood for confessions, Stewart then said he recently went to a doctor who told him about his nose. “I have had a broken nose since I was 19, when I played football. Recently, a doctor said to me, 'If we fix this problem and give you a nice straight nose, you might lose your voice.' I said, 'Forget it, man. I keep my nose crooked.'”

His great passion for football, in addition to giving him a broken nose – which therefore seems to be part of his success – often leads him to kick autographed footballs into the audience during his concerts. In 2012 it happened that at one of his shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas he kicked a ball hitting a person in the audience right on the nose.

Mostafa Kashe, this is the name of that person, a 53-year-old Californian engineer, sued him for the accusation of having broken his nose by kicking the ball into the audience and asking Stewart for compensation of 10,000 dollars for “loss of salary, legal costs and cosmetic surgery on his nasal cavity”. This is what Kashe claimed: “Stewart has significant experience in the sport of football and kicking footballs, having once tried out for a professional football club in the UK and playing regularly in amateur football leagues since his youth. Stewart knew or should have known that his actions could cause harm to unsuspecting concertgoers.”