Roberto Pirami on tour with David Ellefson

Roberto Pirami on tour with David Ellefson

Roberto Pirami, Roman drummer and drumming coach, announces his participation in the next long European tour (starting from Italy) with David Ellefsonthe former bassist of Megadeth.

A collaboration that marks a culminating moment in the musician’s career, which has already seen him perform alongside artists of the caliber of Vinnie Moore, Gus G And Michael Angelo Batio, Jennifer Batten, Uli Jon Roth, Blaze Bayley, TM Stevens, as well as important figures on the Italian scene such as Silvia Salemi And Roberto Casalino.

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The career of the Roman musician stands out for his versatility and for the numerous collaborations with artists of Italian and international fame as well as for his commitment to musical education with the innovative Free Drumming Studiothe drum school founded by Pirami himself in Rome.

At the Free Drumming Studio drummers such as: Jacopo Volpe (Post Malone, Salmo, Fedez, Blanco), Danilo Menna (Gemitaiz, Brig), Alberto Paone (Calcutta, Aries, Psychologists), Stefano Palumbo (Clavdio), Francesco Aprili (Giorgio Poi), and many others…

The 59-year-old American bassist David Ellefson he served in Megadeth from 1985 to 2002 and also signed the band’s songs. He was not part of the band’s 2004 reunion but officially returned in 2010. On May 24, 2021, the band announced that Ellefson was fired from the band for accusations of harassment of a woman (initially considered a minor) with obscene messages and images via an online messaging service. The bassist has always declared himself innocent of the accusation (Read here for details).

It is not the first time that David Ellefson collaborates with an Italian artist. In 2019, together with the group Attitudes & Attitude, formed by Frank Bello on bass, drummer Joe Babiak and guitarist Andrea Martongelli, plays as an opener for Slash. Also in 2019, Andrea Martongelli on guitar can also be found on the tour accompanying the release of “Sleeping Giants”, Ellefson’s solo album.

These are the next datesEuropean Championships of the Bass Warrior Tour 2024:

February 28, Breaklive – Ascoli Piceno (Italy)
February 29 – Kill Joy, Rome (Italy)
1 March – Il Druso, Bergamo (Italy)
2 March – Il Giardino, Lugagnano (Italy)
3 March – Fabrik, Cagliari (Italy)
5 March – Analogue Live Hall, Budapest (Hungary)
7 March – Reigen Live, Vienna (Austria)
8 March – Eden Klub Underground, Broumov (Czech Republic)
9 March – LA Live Style Club, Cham (Germany)
10 March – The Pitcher, Dusseldorf (Germany)
12 March – MDN, Kolin (Czech Republic)
13 March – Bounty Rock Café, Olomouc (Czech Republic)

14 March – Kino Regis, Bochnia (Poland)
15 March – RC Mlyn, Vrútky (Slovakia)
16 March – Kollosseum, Koisce (Slovakia)
17 March – Randal, Bratislava (Slovakia)
19 March – Fabrikstr.94, Waldbronn (Germany)
20 March – Club Helitehas, Tallinn (Estonia)
21 March – Club Melna Pietktdiena, Riga (Latvia)
22 March – Club Vakaris, Vilnius (Lithuania)
23 March – Bergkeller, Reichenbach (Germany)