Robert Plant: a Led Zeppelin reunion?  No thank you

Robert Plant: a Led Zeppelin reunion? No thank you

Robert Plant is skeptical about a reunion of the Led Zeppelin and feels disappointed and disconcerted by the possibility. He believes a reunion tour is risky for legacy artists and unfair to fans who expect the same energy as decades ago. Plant believes that without John Bonham, the original drummer, any reunion would be meaningless, as Bonham was central to the band’s sound.

After Led Zeppelin disbanded in the 1980s, Plant dedicated himself to exploring different musical genres, as evidenced by albums such as “Now and Zen” (1988). Although there have been some projects with Jimmy Page in the 90s and some performances with Jason Bonham (John’s son) in the 2000s, Plant preferred to work on new projects, such as his work with Alison Krauss on albums like “Raising Sand” (2007).

Plant has expressed displeasure that Page wants to play the old repertoire, stating that he doesn’t understand what he’s trying to do. Some time ago he suggested to Page to propose something acoustic, but the collaboration did not proceed. For Page, according to the singer, returning to Zeppelin has a different meaning, given that the band was his creation from the beginning. After the breakup, Page continued to work with other groups (Black Crowes or The Firm – the supergroup with Paul Rodgersvoice and guitar, Tony Franklinbass and keyboards e Chris Sladedrums) and solo projects.

Despite everything, Plant does not deny the past and occasionally includes Zeppelin songs in his concerts with Krauss, such as “Gallows Pole” and “The Battle of Evermore” even if rearranged and sung differently (read here). However, Plant appears to be realistic about his vocal limitations and prefers not to risk ruining his voice by attempting to replicate past performances.

The former frontman of LED Zeppelin will return to Italy after the concerts in September 2023 with Suzi Dian, with the project “Saving Grace” (Read the review here).

This is the calendar

8 October Bari Petruzzelli Theatre
9 October Naples Augusteo Theatre
11 October Rome Auditorium Parco Della Musica Ennio Morricone – Sala S. Cecilia

12 October Florence Teatro Verdi
14 October Bologna Teatro Europaudorium
15 October Turin Ogr Turin
17 October Como Teatro Sociale
18 October Bolzano Palasport
20 October Padua Gran Teatro Geox
21 October Trieste Rossetti Theatre
23 October Brescia Gran Teatro Morato