Robert Fripp on Only Fans?  No, it's a funny April joke

Robert Fripp on Only Fans? No, it's a funny April joke

Robert Fripp he stripped to announce that he joined OnlyFans, but it's not true!!!

Even the English guitarist couldn't help himself from “celebrating” April Fool's Day and joked with his audience via social media.

In an unlikely, yet hilarious video, Fripp appears naked, with nothing but his guitar covering his pubes. As he sits on the stairs, Fripp strokes the neck of his Gibson Les Paul and lewdly licks his lips suggestively, before a link to his OnlyFans page is shown on screen. All to be “enjoyed” are the other facial expressions of the 77-year-old founder of King Crimson who also appears in good shape.

Following the indicated link, you are taken to a broken page, where it is explained that Fripp did not in fact join OnlyFans and that it was all a ruse, a classic April Fool's joke.

Robert Fripp, always identified as a “serious” and rigorous figure, in recent years has been communicating a new face of himself, which has a lot to do with irony, such as for example with “Sunday Lunch”, the series of videos on YouTube, born during the lockdown, in which together with his wife Toyah Willcox he tries his hand at famous voice and guitar covers recorded in his living room and published on Sundays.

The reactions to Frip's alleged entry on Only Fans were of different types: there were those who took it seriously and those who continued the joke launched by the guitarist.

“This will no doubt shock all the King Crimson purists,” one fan wrote on YouTube with laughing emojis, while another commented: “Robert is lost! Call the doctor!”

But the funniest was a wordless post on X where a Ukrainian user posted the famous cover of “In The Court Of The Crimson King” by King Crimson.