Richard Thompson returns with a new album after six years

Richard Thompson returns with a new album after six years

The co-founder of Fairport Convention Richard Thompson has announced the release of his new studio album for May 31st, after almost six years, “Ship To Shore”. The discography of the 74-year-old British musician was in fact stuck at “13 rivers” released in September 2018. The release of the album is preceded by the single “Singapore Sadie”.

Richard Thompson
regarding his latest work he declared: “I liked the idea of ​​having a strong base to work on and move from there. I think my base is traditional British music, but there is also Scottish music, there is Irish music. There's jazz, country and classical. As far as I'm concerned, once you establish your base, you can go anywhere. You'll still be playing, wherever you decide musically to go.”

“Ship To Shore”
Thompson's historic band worked – guitarist Bobby Eichorn, bassist Taras Prodaniuk and drummer Michael Jerome – with them singer Zara Phillips and violinist David Mansfield.


1. Freeze

2. The Fear Never Leaves You

3. Singapore Sadie

4. Trusts

5. The Day That I Give In

6. The Old Pack Mule

7. Turnstile Casanova

8. Lost In The Crowd

9. Maybe

10. Life's A Bloody Show

11. What's Left To Lose

12. We Roll