Giorgia managed to fly without having wings

Giorgia managed to fly without having wings

March 2, 2001, almost thirty years old Georgiefresh from second position in the final ranking at the Sanremo festival with the song “Of Sun and of blue”releases his fifth album “Without wings”. We remember the anniversary with the review he wrote for at that time Paola Maraone.

At a casual glance she might seem like any other little girl, vaguely restless, perhaps even a little scared. And instead. Instead, as soon as she starts singing you wonder where her voice comes from, and – apart from that – where her ideas come from. Which have allowed her so far, and that's no small thing, to get more or less every move right, to start singing in front of the Pope (1994) and finish second in Sanremo this year.

Shareable or not – if you don't like pop you will hardly love this album – the “Senza Ali” project proves interesting from the first bars. Both for the production (recorded between Minneapolis and Los Angeles, it is produced by Michael Baker, Whitney Houston's artistic director), and for the balance of the songs. Here there are 13 songs that follow the common thread of “Senza ali”, the title of the song that opens the album, which expertly alternate rhythm and melody, in which Giorgia's voice is dosed just right, becoming at times warm and sensual , at times sweet and enveloping.

Notable, in addition to the Sanremo song (“Di sole e d'azzurro”, composed together with Zucchero), also “Senza ali” and “Save the world”, a fascinating piece between R&B and pop, sung together with American Aisha.

Then there is the dreamlike and wavering ballad “A better place”, and a beautiful piece, “The unknown sea”, with an exceptional guest: Herbie Hancock. It ends with the corner of memory: the thirteenth track is the “old” (1999) “Girasole” in acoustic version. And we are left with the thought that this is a more than pleasant album, with some drops in tone towards the middle of the CD, and a worthy rise at the end. Nice work, Giorgia.