Record of the day: Various performers, "Buzzin' Fly Volume 3"

Record of the day: Various performers, “Buzzin' Fly Volume 3”

Various interpreters: “Buzzin' Fly Volume 3” (Cd Buzzin'Fly 003BUZZ)

After miraculously emerging alive from a terrifying illness in 1997, Ben Watt, the musical mastermind of the group Everything But The Girl, began to rediscover the pleasure of musical physicality by throwing himself headlong into the world of clubs, intertwining dance music with hip-hop, trip- hop, trance, deep house and exploring the nocturnal world of the environments that populate the so-called Clubland. In recent years Watt has involved his group in successful adventures such as the albums “Walking Wounded” and “Temperamental”, after which he founded two clubs in London in which he organized evenings that saw him behind the control desk until dawn intent on spinning vinyl records on the decks, also involving his wife Tracey Thorn in the dancing.

The innate good taste that Watt demonstrates in his work as a musician and composer is also present in his activity as a DJ; since 2003 a record label has also come into existence, Buzzin' Fly, dedicated exclusively to the production of dance music which, despite the obsessive rhythmic pulsation, never disdains a certain melodic profile, with catchy refrains; the names involved are all well known in the techno/dance scene; Pete Thong, Fairmont, Phonique, Charles Webster, Ame, Justin Martin. Every year around ten tracks were released on vinyl, subsequently remixed by Watt on CD in beautiful anthologies where the songs are listened to without interruption; you can then dance for over an hour, driven by the prodigious grooves of Kayot, Jussi-Pekka' Stere, Dark Mountain Raingroup, Rodamaal and even NiƱo Astronauta (a name that alone is a guarantee).

In the style of this label there is no room for obsessive remixes bordering on paranoia (like those of many Japanese DJs), there is no trace of the vulgarity of too much dance music made in Italy or of the Eurodisco trombones that go crazy in the German charts; we are still faced with a British product, therefore understatement and irony are taken for granted even in moments of greatest rhythmic unleashing. The superb audio quality gives us very powerful bass and mixes with attention to every detail that cleverly avoid the monotony, always around the corner in this musical genre.