RAF: live at the Milan Forum for the 40 years of "Self Control"

RAF: live at the Milan Forum for the 40 years of “Self Control”

The announcement comes as a surprise Self Control 40th Anniversary Of Raf.

For celebrations Friday 8 November 2024 the singer-songwriter will be in concert in Milan at Assago Forum with a music party full of guests who will take turns on stage to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the song and career of the father of pop in Italy.

Tickets for the concert they will be available for pre-sale on www.ticketone.it starting from 12:00 on Monday 6 May.

Beyond “Self control” there will also be the opportunity to listen to the other songs that made Raf famous. Here then in the lineup among others “Are the most beautiful in the world”, “The Animal beat”, “What will remain of the 80s”, “I claim you”, “Infinite”, “Stay with me”, “It's never a mistake”.

Raf, enthusiastic, comments: I am excited and at the same time curious about the atmosphere that will come to life on stage together with my guest friends”.

“Self Control” it was the single that brought Raf to the fore, making him known not only to the Italian but also international public.

Raf has released 14 studio albums selling more than 20 million copies worldwide.