Pooh: “There is nothing more beautiful than being on stage”

Pooh: “There is nothing more beautiful than being on stage”

Starting from next June, Pooh will be engaged in over twenty live dates of their new summer tour. The “Pooh – Amici scene in some of the most evocative Italian venues, including the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, Piazza San Marco in Venice and the Amphitheater of Pompeii.

“We agreed to do this extension compared to last year's tour for the pleasure, emotion and joy of playing in these fantastic places,” Facchinetti tells Franco Zanetti for a video chat via Zoom on “Pooh – Amici summer 2024”. He adds: “We will stage a Pooh-style concert. We will leave a lot of space for our music and we will try to increase the empathy between us and the public even more in these extraordinary places, for example. they will see us and the background of the square: exactly the opposite of what Pink Floyd had done, with the stage on a mega floating platform in the sea”.

What new features will the lineup include? “The layout of the setlist will remain the same”, reveals Dodi Battaglia: “However, we wanted to include some new things”. When asked how they are still happily on stage after such a long career, he adds: “At the end of the tour I'm exhausted. But, after a period of rest and clearing the fog, I would say that the image returns to my mind that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than being on stage.”

Another curiosity that emerged during the chat is about the recovery operations of unreleased or alternative versions of the songs: is there any Pooh material to recover? “We did a search but there is very little”, underlines Red Canzian: “And the little that is there is better not to hear. They were really bad copies of songs that we then made well. Or, there are verses from a certain piece, then choices for another. We have very little archive stuff and what is there is better not to hear.

In turn, Riccardo Fogli remembers Valerio Negrini and Stefano D'Orazio: “It would be difficult to decide who to have write the lyrics of the songs of a hypothetical new Pooh album: there isn't a copy of Valerio Negrini. Stefano did a lot, he was in some way Valerio Negrini's dolphin. However, there are other excellent authors, even among young people.”

Here is the video conversation, divided into two parts: