Pete Townshend would tour with The Who just for the money

Pete Townshend defends Who's album “It's Hard” from accusations

Pete Townshend recently talked about the latest album by Who with the bass player John Entwistle, “It's Hard”, during an interview with Mojo magazine. The guitarist and main songwriter of the English band said he did not agree with the opinions expressed by Kenney Jones on the songs contained in that album. “I don't accept what Kenney Jones said: 'You took the best songs for your solo album and left us with these scraps.' This is an insult. I probably needed time to write some more songs tailored for the record.”

To better contextualize what is reported above it must be said that Kenney Jones he is the drummer who joined Who to replace Keith Moonwho passed away in 1978, and with whom the group released the album “Face dances” in 1981 and the following “It'shard” in 1982. When Jones accuses Townshend of keeping the best fruits for the solo album for himself he is referring to “Allthe Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes”released in June 1982, three months before “It's hard”.

Kenney Jones however, he was not the only one to raise doubts about the goodness of

“It's Hard”. In fact too Roger Daltrey he didn't want the record to be released. Confirming this during the interview Townshend recalled what Daltrey said at the time and explained how things went: “Roger said: 'I don't agree to this album being released. It's not good enough.' But we had a contract and we got most of the fucking money. So we had to publish it. It should have been more diverse, or maybe it was too diverse. I do not know. I listened to it recently and it's not that bad. Actually, what The Who needed at that moment was a fucking psychotherapist.”

There was only one song on the album that I liked Roger Daltrey, “Cry If You Want”. As he stated at the time of the album's release: “I think the song that most captures what The Who are feeling right now is 'Cry If You Want'. I think it should have been the single. (…) I think this really says what it feels like to be 38 and singing in a rock band called Who!”.