Pearl Jam: “We'll make one or two more good records”

Pearl Jam: “We'll make one or two more good records”

Next April 19th i Pearl Jam will release the new album “Dark matter“, twelfth work of the band's career arriving four years after the previous one “Gigaton” (read the review here).

Ahead of the release, Eddie Vedder and company have released a lengthy interview to the magazine “MOJO” where they talked about the new album, the saving power of music and why Taylor Swift fans are the new punk rockers.

In a passage taken up by the NME, the frontman of the Seattle team made it known that in his opinion the group will manage to make one or two more good records and said, “The older you get, the better you are at living in the present. The awareness of having less time is the key. The goal is to continue making music”. Remembering some deceased friends and colleagues, including Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Mark Lanegan and Layne Stanley, Vedder added:

“At this point you rely on relationships with the people who are still there. It hits you when you're in a situation where that person could still be there. And you're sad that they aren't. But it makes you realize that you need to stay healthy. You want to be there for your children. You want to make good records. And we might be able to make one or two more good records.”

During the chat, Pearl Jam also talked about some songs from “Dark matter” and the most recent single from the album “Running”, released after the title track, for which Stone Gossard he claimed that the riffs were created by Jeff Ament.