Ozzy Osbourne against Kanye West for an unauthorized sample

Ozzy Osbourne against Kanye West for an unauthorized sample

Through a post shared on social media last night, February 9, Ozzy Osbourne lashed out at Kanye West, stating that the Atlanta rapper used a sample of a Black Sabbath song without permission.

“Kanye West asked for permission to sample a passage from the live performance of ‘Iron Man’ at the 1983 US Festival, without vocals, and was denied permission because he is an anti-Semite and has caused pain to many,” he said. the “Godfather of Darkness” stated in the message, written entirely in capital letters and reposted several times after the title of another Black Sabbath hit, “War Pig”, was initially reported. And again: “Last night he used the sampling anyway at the album listening party. I don’t want to be associated with this man, in any way!”.

Subsequently, as reported by “Rolling Stone US”, his wife Sharon Osbourne issued a note to let it be known: “We are considering legal action. Ozzy hasn’t spoken to Kanye, but our team has spoken to theirs.”

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The live track that Ozzy refers to and which was sampled by Ye, West’s official name as of 2021, is taken from Osbourne’s performance at the 1983 Festival US, a stop on his third solo tour “Speak of the devil tour” . (At this link the complete video footage of the show).

Kanye West, for his part, played the song with the sample of the Black Sabbath song during a listening party held together with Ty Dolla $ign in Chicago on February 8th for their album “Vultures”. As reported by the US edition of “Billboard”, the duo who call themselves ¥$, played 12 songs live, including one entitled “Carnival”, in which the guitar riff from “Iron man” appears. The sample is available at minute 1′ and 45” of the audio of the track leaked online and at minute 1′ and 16” of a video on the Chicago event. West and Ty Dolla $ign are reportedly hosting another listening party in Long Island, New York, next Friday.

“Iron Man”, from Black Sabbath’s classic 1970 album “Paranoid”, had previously been sampled, with consent, by Kanye West in his 2010 song “Hell of a Life”.

Last year, for the Halloween party, Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon dressed up respectively as Kanye West and as the controversial rapper’s partner, Bianca Censori.