Mahmood: "The 'Gold Tracksuit' is my armour"

Mahmood: “The ‘Gold Tracksuit’ is my armour”

“Tuta gold”, a song presented on the Sanremo stage, is the beginning of a new Mahmood. “It’s a song different than anything I’ve done before, because it’s a bit like it was almost the intro to the new project I’ve been working on for two and a half years. In these two and a half years I have evolved a lot, even on an emotional level, in describing relationships with more sincerity. ‘In the beds of others’, out on February 16, it will perhaps be the most emotional album I’ve ever writtenbecause I think I got more specific in describing relationships”, says Mahmood.

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Then he continues: “And I used the bed as a pretext, because the bed in this album really has many meanings. In the end, the bed is the most intimate place where you bring the people you love, the people you lovewhere at night you look at the ceiling and think about fears or problems, where you are betrayed or betray. A lot can happen in bed. So, I guess ‘Tuta gold’ is the perfect glue, because the narrative of the piece starts from a recent moment. Last summer I went on holiday with some of my friends, outside a tent we were smoking and looking at the moon; yes, it starts from a recent memory, and then goes back a bit to a relationship I had in adolescence and to the most difficult moments I experienced in the past. I believe that ‘Tuta gold’ is a metaphor to tell how today I have become stronger, based on all these past events, the ‘Tuta gold’ is a bit like armor”.

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In the evening of duets he proposed a cover of Lucio Dalla, “How deep the sea is“, which talks about the importance of freedom of thought, which cannot have limits. And he did it accompanied by Bitti’s I Tenores. “This value is fundamental for me: I have always spoken about freedom through my songs. In ‘Ghettolimpo’ there is the song ‘Icaro è libero’, the lyrics of which say: “Because flight is a thought that cannot be stopped / In a sculpted statue or written in a mural / And freer than air can hurt.”

I have always talked about thought, lived in a free way – he remembers -.this song by Dalla has always been one of the most beautiful in Italian musicplus it’s super current, it seems like it was written yesterday.”