Sanremo 2024: the partial ranking before the final

On YouTube the Sanremo festival rewards Geolier

The final evening of the Sanremo festival was held on Saturday saw Angelina Mango excel with “Boredom” before Geolier “I p’ me tu p’ te’” And Annalisa “Sincerely”. With the start of the first week after the festival we returned, out of mere curiosity, to check the number of views on YouTube of the songs that participated in the singing event held last week on the Riviera. In the ranking reported below there are only those songs that up to 10.30 am today Monday 12 February have collected at least one million plays.

Geolier – “I p’ me tu p’ te’” 5.3 million

Annalisa – “Sincerely” 4.1 million

Mahmood – “Gold suit” 3.8 million

Angelina Mango – “Boredom” 3.5 million

Irama – “You don’t” 3.5 million

Ghali – “My Home” 2.1 million

Loredana Berté – “Pazza’” 1.7 million

The Kolors – “Boy, Girl” 1.4 million

Il Volo – “Masterpiece” 1.4 million

Mr Rain – “Two Swings” 1.3 million

Alessandra Amoroso “Up to here” 1.1 million

Emma – “Apnea” 1 million