For Little Steven it's not time to release a new album

For Little Steven it’s not time to release a new album

Steven Van Zandt at the moment he doesn’t seem to have time (or inspiration) to make a new solo album. This comes to mind when reading what the 73-year-old American musician published in response on social networks to a fan who asked him if he intended to record a record despite the fact that in this period he is busy working with Bruce Springsteen, the musician replied dryly: “Not now.” Then “Summer of sorcery” (read the review here), released in 2019, should currently remain the last chapter of his solo career.

In reality, in recent times there has been no news whatsoever on future plans
Little Steven
, both regarding his solo career and any collaborations with Springsteen. The latter, according to what the keyboard player implied
David Sancious
former member of
Street Band
in the seventies, he would be working on the sequel to
“Only the Strong Survive”
read the review here
), released in November 2022, with a second chapter of R&B and soul covers. Other sources instead claim that the Boss’s new effort could concern another sequel, that of
(1998 collection) which, according to Springsteen, would include “five unreleased albums” from the late 1980s and 1990s.

It should be remembered that when it was published
“Only the Strong Survive”
, the New Jersey rocker declared that it would not be a single chapter and that he would make a series: “I can say that volume 2 is probably three-quarters recorded. I continued working on soul music because I enjoyed it so much. But I thought I’d make a series of these records in a variety of different genres with songs that I love.”