Nomadi: two concerts in Novellara for "NomadIncontro"

Nomadi in concert in Castelnovo ne’ Monti after 40 years

On July 4th, Nomadi will hold what is being billed as a “big concert” in Castelnovo ne’ Monti, in the province of Reggio Emilia.

As stated in a press release, over 1,500 people will attend the great Nomadi concert for free in the square in via dei Partigiani. The event is organized by Credem, one of the main Italian banking groups and among the most solid in Europe, which has chosen to make available additional free tickets which will be assigned to the first 100 people who, starting from the afternoon of today 27 June, they will request it online at the event link which will be published on Credem’s Facebook page.

Credem and the Nomads will support the purchase of a high-performance lung ventilator for the intensive care facility of the Castelnovo Ne’ Monti hospital, thus contributing to guaranteeing a high level of assistance for citizens in a particularly delicate area such as health , ensuring the possibility for people to use increasingly efficient local services.

As promised in the press release, the group, which has not performed in Castelnovo ne’ Monti for over 40 years, will range across its entire repertoire, performing numerous songs that have accompanied several generations, from their most famous songs such as “Io Vagabondo”, “Dio è Morto” and “Io voglio vivere”, to more recent productions.

“Our bank was born precisely in these territories more than a century ago and starting from Reggio Emilia we have become a national level group”, declared Angelo Campani, General Director of Credem: “Our history is in this sense similar to that of Nomadi, a musical group born in Reggio Emilia to become one of the most famous bands nationally and internationally”.

And again: “Credem is a reality made up of people who work for people and we are aware that our job is based on trust and relationships between individuals. And in this sense people work together, do business together, but also have fun together. One of the reasons why we chose to organize this event is precisely to offer a moment of conviviality and give the opportunity to many people to listen to songs that have entered the musical and cultural history of our country. Another reason, certainly no less important, is our desire to give a tangible sign of commitment to the territory with a contribution to the S. Anna Hospital in Castelnovo. We thought of one of the most important services for a community, which is the one related to people’s health, and thanks to the support of the Ausl we understood that we could be useful for intensive care with a practical contribution to the modernization of the department”.

Beppe Carletti of Nomadi added: “We are honored to be part of this Credem project, and for this we thank you for inviting us. Always convinced that music can help raise awareness on the issues of our daily life, we strongly believe in this initiative and we are happy to be able to do it with what we love to do. W the Music”.

Antonio Poli, Head of the Sant’Anna Hospital in Castelnovo ne’ Monti, declared: “The Local Health Authority and the Sant’Anna Hospital in particular are very proud to welcome the Nomads group to the wonderful territory of the Reggio Emilia Apennines and are equally extremely grateful to Credem for this donation”.