"Wild God" is the new album by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Nick Cave reveals the making of “Wild God” in new video

Waiting to print the new album “Wild God”arriving on August 30th and anticipated by the title track, Nick Cave with the Bad Seeds they shared a new trailer showing the singer-songwriter and his band working on the next album.

In the clip lasting just over two minutes, the musicians are seen defining some aspects of the project and revealing it Colin Greenwood recorded a bass part as a guest of the album. The trailer also reveals the contribution of director and longtime collaborator Andrew Dominikwho – among other things – directed the documentary film “This much I know to be true” which, presented as a complementary feature film to the artist's previous film project with the director on the making of the 2016 album “Skeleton tree” , explored the music and creative relationship of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis.

Recently, via “The Red Hand Files” website, Cave described his new work with the Bad Seeds, coming five years later “Ghosteen” (read the review here), as “a record full of secrets”. In one passage, the artist revealed: “I don't want to say much about the album itself until it is released in August and you can listen to all the songs. But, I can say that it is a record full of secrets. It is composed of a series of complex and interconnected narratives. Title track 'Wild God' is the main point of propulsion, with the songs feeding off each other – not so much to tell a story, but to come together around an acutely vulnerable and mysterious 'event' that lies at the heart of the central song of the album, 'Conversion'”.

Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds will present “Wild God” live on the occasion of a new tour which also includes a concert dedicated to Italy, set for October 20th at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, just outside Milan.