Nick Cave, mysterious countdown: album announcement tonight?

Nick Cave, mysterious countdown: album announcement tonight?

Through the posts shared yesterday evening, March 5, Nick Cave invited fans to connect to his website at this address. Arriving on the site, you find yourself in front of a landing page, a completely white landing page with a faded writing that reads “Wild God” and a countdown that will end tonight at around 6.15pm (Italian time).

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The Australian singer-songwriter hasn't given any indication of what will happen when the countdown reaches zero, but fans are already speculating that he could be referring to a possible announcement about a new album. Nor can we rule out the possibility that the Bad Seeds frontman will announce a new single or a tour, or maybe – in the best case scenario – all three things together.

Nick Cave started talking about a possible new studio project with his band as early as autumn 2022 during a Q&A in London, when he announced that he intended to start working on something new at the end of that year.

A few months later, the musician then confirmed that he had started work on a new album “at 9am on January 1st” last year and in July he announced that he was “closing it”. In November, Cave then provided an update saying the album was “in the mixing stage”.

For Nick Cave, who last October played an unreleased song entitled “To be found” live, 2019's “Ghosteen” is his last album with the Bad Seeds, with which he returned to concerts in Europe and Italy the last year. The album was followed by the project “B-Sides & Rarities (Part II)” two years later. Without his group, however, the Australian singer-songwriter had already returned to tour with Warren Ellis in the Old Continent to present their first studio album as a duo, “Carnage”. In addition to the project together with Ellis, with whom he was also the protagonist of the film entitled “This much I know to be true” about their creative relationship, in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Cave recorded a

exciting streaming concert, which then also became a record (and a concert film), and in July 2022 he released “Seven Psalms”.