Morgan/Panella: the video for the single "Sì, certa l'amore" has been released

Morgan/Panella: the video for the single “Sì, certa l’amore” has been released

The video is out “Yes, of course love” new song by Morgan/Panella extracted from new self-titled EP published last February 23rd. The EP anticipates the release of the new album “…And so in short that is”, which does not yet have a publication date.

These are Morgan’s words on the release: “The Morgan/Panella project is very uniform, it is a continuous generation of songs like plants sprout from the ground, in a spontaneous and natural daily way and with extreme ease.

This is undoubtedly due to the great musicality of Panella’s writing and also to my irrepressible dedication to the experiment, a practice that leads into unpredictable and unexplored territories, and which nourishes creativity in an extremely nourishing way, enthusing, rewarding, keeping the fire of creativity alive. artistic life. This state of mind is called “inspiration” by many, but I prefer to give it a role reduced to normality because it is a regular and not intermittent condition. Conceiving the work of designing music in this way (in my case, but it applies to all intellectual disciplines) leads me to achieve what I really want and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something official or commissioned or obligatory. contractually, in fact it is the exact opposite, that is, what I do no one asked me to do and no one other than me predicted that it existed, and therefore no one expects anything from what they don’t even know exists. The contraindication of this is that the public, not knowing, believes that I no longer compose original music and that I have even “lost the vein”, when in fact they have no idea of ​​the fecundity that invests me from which flows a copiousness of truly irrepressibly accumulated objects in over fifteen years of musical craftsmanship carried out every day with regularity or rather workaholic self-sacrifice which made me dedicate more than ten hours to the painstaking production of original music that I have not published. But the fact that it is not published for me does not mean that it does not exist for people, but it is a false belief also heavily supported by the wild public narrative of my discredit, a notorious and systematically terribly unpleasant thing that I have no intention of bringing up now. . The work with Panella is therefore something that I wanted to publish or perhaps “I managed” to publish, because after all these years away from the market (and not from music, of course) my relationship with the music industry sector it was totally destroyed and so now I’m rebuilding it from scratch. This presentation of mine that introduces it is something that I was no longer used to doing but which twenty years ago was one of my main activities, I was always grappling with questions about my records and the songs, the lyrics and the arrangements, the productions, and I was always telling and giving examples and connections and it is precisely for this reason that at a certain point I was contacted by television, for my way of approaching the meaning of music, but I could never have imagined that precisely that was what I to come I would have been deprived. Television tore me away from my nature, from my true profession, the fruit of my preparation, cultivated by passion. I know nothing better than that subject called “producing records”, and despite all these years having passed since my last officially published unpublished work (DaAadA, 2006), years in which radical and important technological changes have taken place precisely in the field of production of pop music, and the commercial reality has been dominated by people other than me, very sincerely, I don’t feel like I’m left behind and I can compete with those who are twenty years younger than me but not only don’t have my experience, they don’t have my freedom of exploration and my authenticity but above all he doesn’t have my courage but is harnessed to any rhetorical conformism of his universe made up of limited stereotypes and resting on very weak foundations, crushed by the captivity in which he was born and of which he does not perceive the borders and controlled by a system whose only engine is a schizophrenic economy and in constant amnesia, in an inconsistent state of consciousness.”.


1. Yes, of course the beginning (feat. Pasquale Panella) – 0:50

2. Si, certa l’amore (feat. Pasquale Panella) (Radiophobic) – 3:55

3. Si, certa l’amore (feat. Pasquale Panella) (Album version) – 6:32

4. Yes, of course the orchestra (feat. Pasquale Panella) – 6:35

5. Si, certa l’amore (feat. Pasquale Panella) (Elastic Brass) – 2:46

6. Si, certa l’amore (feat. Pasquale Panella) (New Wawe) – 5:18

7. Si, certa l’amore (feat. Pasquale Panella) (Post Atomic) – 7:41

8. Non + tu (feat. Pasquale Panella) – 7:02