Mick Jagger is a great songwriter, says Lenny Kravitz

Mick Jagger is a great songwriter, says Lenny Kravitz

In the recent issue of Mojo magazine, Lenny Kravitz spoke about his artistic relationship with the frontman of Rolling StonesMick Jagger declaring that – contrary to what some assumed – Mick has always been happy to explore new sounds and new situations outside of his legendary band.

According to what was reported by American Songwriter, these are the words of Lenny Kravitz: “Mick enjoyed his solo stint.

For him it was a holiday. We collaborated on Bill Withers’ “Use Me” for “Wandering Spirit”, we co-wrote “God Gave Me Everything” for “Goddess In The Doorway”. I had the melody but no words except part of the chorus. He came to my Roxie studio in Miami. I slurred a few words.”

Kravitz claims in the interview that the time free from commitments with i
Rolling Stones
allowed to
Mick Jagger
to explore other musical landscapes and to work in total freedom outside of the band’s routine. He also highlighted how Jagger has great talent in writing lyrics.

As mentioned above by Kravitz himself, his artistic connection with Jagger dates back to 1993, when he appeared on Jagger’s solo album
“Wandering Spirit”
duetting with him on the cover of
“Use Me”
Bill Withers
. Lenny and Mick then reunited in 2001 on the album
“Goddess in the Doorway”
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), here Kravitz played and co-signed
“God Gave Me Everything”
“Goddess in the Doorway”
to date it is the last of Jagger’s four solo albums. In addition to the two mentioned, the 80-year-old British musician made his solo debut with
“She’s the boss”
in 1985, repeating two years later with

“Primitive cool”
in 1987.