Metallica perform "Inamorata" live for the first time

Metallica perform “Inamorata” live for the first time

Last May 24, with the first of two dates scheduled at Munich's Olympiastadion, Metallica kicked off their 2024 tour in support of their latest album, “72 Seasons”, released last year. After the stage which inaugurated the new branch of the tour, James Hetfield and his companions returned to the stage at the German stadium for a second concert during which they played “Inamorata” live for the first time.

“We have never, ever played the next song live before,” said the Four Horsemen frontman, presenting the song taken from the band's latest album and lasting over 11 minutes: “In our band we don't recognize the word 'mistake', because there are no mistakes, there are just unique moments that happen, okay? This is what we have to tell ourselves. This is from '72 Seasons' – it's one of my favorite songs on the record.”

As highlighted by Loudersound, with the live performance of “Inamorata”, Metallica have so far presented nine of the twelve songs from the new album live. “Crown of barbed wire”, Chasing light” and “Room of mirrors” are now missing from “72 Seasons” to be heard live. During the first date in Munich, “Lux Æterna”, “Shadows follow” from the album were performed and “Too far gone?”. During the second stage, in addition to “Inamorata”, fans heard “72 Season” and “If darkness had a son” from the most recent project.

The next live event scheduled for the tour is scheduled for May 29th in Milan, which will mark Metallica's live return to our country.