Matteo Paolillo's new single will be released on February 15th

Matteo Paolillo’s new single will be released on February 15th

After the feedback obtained from Matteo Paolillo with the singles “’or Mar For” And “Origami at dawn” contained in his first album “Comets” and after a tour in the main Italian cities, on the occasion of the start of the fourth season of “Sea Outside” he arrives “Autumn leaves” the new single, with the production of Lolloflow, which is part of the soundtrack of the fourth season of the successful TV series.

Matteo says

It’s a single that I care a lot about and to which I wanted to add a bit of poetry. It’s like autumn leaves on the trees, ready to fall at any moment. Yet, still motionless, we look at each other, poised, and we realize that we are the same, with the same destiny, the same suffering and the same desire to be happy.

At the same time as the release of the single “Foglie d’Autumn”, the video clip directed by Mirko Salciarini and the participation of Ludovica Coscione, also in the cast of the series broadcast on RAI 2, will also be available.

Matteo Paolillo was born in Salerno in 1995. He began acting at 13 in a small Salerno company. At 18 he moved to Rome where he continued his studies first at the Gianni Diotajuti theater conservatory, then graduated in 2019 from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. Her debut on TV took place in 2016. In addition to acting, she approaches the world of music and in particular rap.

In 2020 he was on Rai 2 in the series “Mare Fuori” directed by Carmine Elia and worked on his first solo EP, “Edo”, delving into the world of the character he played in the series.

Also in 2020 he is on TV with “Vivi e Let Vivere” by Pappi Corsicato and at the cinema with “Famosa” by Alessandra Mortelliti. It is he who sings the theme song and several soundtrack songs of the “Mare Fuori” event series, including “‘o mar for” which was followed on February 24th by the single “Origami all’alba”. His first album was released on May 19th.Comets” and in November and December he was on tour.

“Come te” contains themes that are close to the heart of its author in 11 songs: the importance of love, of the sense of community, of the strength there is in not being afraid to show oneself vulnerable. With the featuring of Gelo and Clementino and the production of Lolloflow, the songs range from Italian to Neapolitan, also taking up hip hop culture without placing the emphasis on violence but highlighting the desire for revenge, the value of small conquests.