“Mascherone” is Spatarini's "summer hit".

“Mascherone” is Spatarini’s “summer hit”.

Spatarini releases a new song entitled “Mascherone”, which evokes a lively and summer atmosphere and tells the nightlife of a place located in Sicily, precisely in Marzamemi, from which the title draws inspiration.

The artist states that he was attracted by the evocative island climate to compose what will be the soundtrack of both the seaside village and the entire island.

Sicilian warmth and energy are the protagonists of a song in which dance music blends seamlessly with pop rhythms. Nothing is left to chance, everything is studied down to the smallest detail and this is how in a few minutes, thanks to a meticulous description of the characteristic atmosphere of Marzamemi, the listener is catapulted into the heart of the village.

“Mascherone”, we read in a press release, is to all intents and purposes what is defined as a “summer hit”, which is nothing other than a perfect combination of a strong beat, catchy melodies and simple but effective and evocative lyrics.