Beatles, 60 years ago today on the Ed Sullivan Show

Beatles, a rare 1962 vinyl up for auction

A rare single from the very early period of the Beatles It has attracted the interest of collectors around the world and is thought to be sold at auction for a sum expected to be around £9,000.

We are talking about a demo album from 1962 – as reported by BBC news, one of only 250 copies in existence – which contains the hits of the Liverpool group “Love Me Do” And “PS I Love You”. The uniqueness of the object lies in the fact that the surname of Paul McCartney is incorrectly reported as “McArtney”. The seven-inch vinyl will be auctioned by Stacey’s Auctioneers in Chelmsford, Essex.

The demo was one of a select number of songs printed and distributed to television and radio stations prior to the album’s release on October 5, 1962. Rob Smeea vinyl expert, said: “This is a particularly rare Beatles single from the band’s early career. As one of only 250 copies it is of particular interest to Beatles collectors and the misspelling of the name Paul McCartney is authentic and interesting in his own right.”