Martin Kemp believes he still has 10 years to live

Martin Kemp believes he still has 10 years to live

The 62-year-old former bassist of Spandau Ballet Martin Kemp he believes he only has ten years left to live. In the 1990s the British musician was diagnosed with two brain tumors and although they were removed and have never returned, although he developed a form of epilepsy as a side effect, he thinks it has affected his life expectancy.

Kemp had the opportunity to express his thoughts during an episode of the podcast hosted by his son Roman 'FFS! MyDad Is Martin Kemp' when he asked him, very directly, how long he still thinks he will live.

Here's his frank response: “I want to be really honest with you, 10 years. I don't know how much time I have left but since I was 34, when I went through that whole brain tumor scare, I've spent two years of my life thinking that I was about to die.”

Since Martin Kemp he sees every day of his life as a bonus. “I think after that, everything else, every day, every year, every month that I lived, every experience that I had was a bonus. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I was going to die, but I was pretty happy with my lot , because I had had some incredible experiences. When I was 34 and I thought I was going to die, I spent two years thinking about it, I was quite happy, I thought: 'If I leave, you know what?' year that I live, every month that I now live is like a bonus.”

Clearly Kemp hopes that his predictions are wrong and says again: “I would be happy to reach 80, this thing would give me 18 years!”.

Already in 2022, on the 'Dish' podcast, Martin had spoken about his experience telling how accepting a role in the soap opera 'EastEnders', which occupied him from 1998 to 2002, helped him recover from brain surgery. “My brain still wasn't working properly after the operation. To the point where sometimes if I wanted to go left, I went right, it was like I couldn't think of putting things in the right order, or something. When I 'EastEnders' was offered and it was an opportunity for me to move on, so I didn't take 'EastEnders' because I thought yes, it was a good thing, I was trying to get my life together.”