“Watch Me Gone” is the new single from Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler's new single is “Two Pairs Of Hands”

To anticipate the publication of “One Deep River” (preorder here), the tenth studio album by Mark Knopfler out next April 12th, comes out “Two Pairs Of Hands”the third single from the British musician's new work.

Of “Two Pairs Of Hands,” the 74-year-old Knopfler says: “'Two Pairs of Hands' is a song that tries to explain what it feels like to juggle all the information and try to put it all together when you're standing center stage with a great band. You have a great audience around you and you're trying to process all these things at the same time.”

“Two Pairs of Hands”recorded at British Grove Studios in London, is written by Mark Knopfler and produced together with Guy Fletcher. The band you hear playing on the song includes Mark Knopfler, Jim Cox and Guy Fletcher, Glenn Worf, Ian Thomas, Danny Cummings, Richard Bennett and Greg Leisz.