Margherita Vicario did "Bingo"

Margherita Vicario did “Bingo”

Margherita Vicario she is extremely versatile: above all an actress, a director, but also a singer. An actress who manages to be credible as a singer. A singer who has only released two albums so far: “Minimal musical” in 2014 and “Bingo” in 2021. “Bingo” saw the light on May 14, 2021, three years ago. We celebrate the anniversary by listening to some songs again and rereading the review.

Margherita Vicario has made herself noticed in the last two years with a string of singles, from “Abaué (Death of a trap boy)” to “Come va”, passing through “Mandela”, “Giubbottino”, “Pincio”, “Piña colada “, all collected – along with other songs – in this album, “Bingo”. Although not the first – he made his debut in 2014 with the EP “Esercizi preparatori”, then that same year he released “Minimal musical” – the album marks a restart for the 33-year-old Roman actress turned singer-songwriter, whose first recording projects and singles include who in fact opened the new project, he has done a lot of cinema and a lot of TV (already in 2008 he starred in the cult series “I Cesaroni”, then came – among others – “RIS”, “Un passo dal cielo”, “I Borgia”, “La narcotici”, “Nero a mezzo” and films such as “Arance & Martello” by Diego Bianchi and “The Pills – Always better than working” by Luca Vecchi).

Today she has learned to mix her two great passions: neither singer nor actress, but singer-actress.

The merit: with the exception of particular projects, such as Liberato for example, few in contemporary Italian pop have paid as much attention to the union between sounds and images as Margherita Vicario does. The videos of his songs – with the exception of those of “Mandela” and “Orango tango”, directed by Ivan Cazzola and Attilio Cusani – bear the signature of Francesco Coppola, former right-hand man of Francesco Lettieri, the Neapolitan director considered one of the minds behind Liberato himself, for whom he shot all the clips: there is Margherita Vicario who plays with the darker shades of “Abaué (Death of a trap boy)” and “Romeo”, in which she imitates trap, the more explosive one of “Giubottino” (“have you ever seen porn well? It blows your brain”) and “Piña colada”, the more romantic one of “Pincio”.

The limit of the songs on “Bingo”, the result of the collaboration with the Turin-based Dade of Linea 77 (already alongside Salmo and Samuel of Subsonica), who helped Margherita Vicario in the production of the album, is precisely this: they seem to be designed more for be recited on the stage of a concert or on the set of a video clip, with choreography and all the necessary elements, rather than to be listened to without having images in front of them.

Yet the album performs well and is enjoyed by lovers of the genre. And then behind the videos, the cartoonish and slightly over the top videos, the dances, the smiles, the irony and the sarcasm there are important messages, which arrive anyway: “For five thousand million I'll get a tattoo of Giorgia Meloni / I'll make a nice Family Day, but without priests and freemasons / full of trans and gays singing Happy Day”, he sings for example in “Orangutan”. Nothing so extreme, eh: but how many Italian singers today expose themselves in their songs, mentioning names and surnames? Let's just hope that now that she's done “bingo” she doesn't run away with all the prize money.