Lady Gaga: a concert film is also arriving in Italy

Lady Gaga: a concert film is also arriving in Italy

The concert film of Lady Gaga,”Gaga Chromatica Ball,” debuts May 25 on HBO (and streaming on HBO Max). The Italian broadcast will be revealed shortly.

This is the story and footage of Lady Gaga's concert on September 10, 2022 at the popular club Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in front of over 52 thousand spectators during his “Chromatica Ball Tour” in 2022. In the setlist, among others, his hits: “Stupid Love”, “Bad Romance”, “Just Dance”, “Poker Face”, “Shallow” And “Rain On Me”.

A dive into captivating choreography, moments of intimacy on the piano, special effects and a set of costume changes typical of Germanotta.

So, regarding the film, he wrote Lady Gaga on social media

I'm so excited to finally share the Chromatica Ball movie with the world. It tells of a period of immense creativity regarding fashion, dance and music. Seeing the tour again leaves me speechless with the way we reciprocated our affection for each other: all of you showed such great enthusiasm for my music and art, with a level of joy and freedom that I will never forget. Stage after stage. Sold-out after sold-out with your voices singing very loudly.

Chromatica was a colorful revenge. Chaos has become pure energy and life. With a consistency that was wonderful to experience live.

Self-acceptance is a theme that runs through all my songs. I believe it is always possible to dig deep and find your own greatness. Self-discovery is an art. Self-love is a practice.

I love you, monsters, more than I can say. See yourself in every voice, in every stylistic choice, in the choreography, in every image… Here's the truth: no matter where life or my career has taken me, the time spent with you is always a journey back to a part very important to me. In a stadium full of all of YOU it came to life. Thank you for this feeling. I hope you will feel seen when you watch this film. And know that I personally edited it with care to honor you

I spent countless hours in the editing room bringing my vision to life. It's my gift to you – directed, produced and created by me, along with some of the most talented and creative people in the world.

This is the complete lineup for the Los Angeles concert

bad Romance

Act I

The Operation (Video)

Act II

Flowers (Video)
Sour Candy


The Birth of Freedom (Video)
Free Woman
Born This Way

Act IV

Tamara (Video)
Always Remember Us This Way
The Edge of Glory
Fun Tonight

The final

Sonnets (Video)
Stupid Love
Rain on Me

Hold My Hand