Kid Cudi: a bad accident at Coachella

Kid Cudi: a bad accident at Coachella

It often happens that on the stage of Coachella some artist performs unexpectedly. This year the star who was added at the last moment was Kid Cudi whose presence, however, was not fortunate.

During his set from the “Sahara” stage, where he had already been the protagonist in 2019, Cudi jumped into the photographic pit between the audience and the stage. The landing wasn't the best and due to a bad foot he wasn't able to get up. Security then helped him back stage as the music continued to play. Shortly afterwards the concert was obviously interrupted

The videos posted by those present also show the bad fall of Scott Mescudi (as he was born).

And in fact confirmation of the seriousness of the accident came the following day from the person concerned. Kid Cudi posted from the hospital confirming his broken foot.

“I've never broken a bone before, so it's all a bit crazy. I want to thank you all for your concerns and well wishes!! I love you all. I heard you were still screaming when I was off stage. She made me smile big time. she wrote about X.

Shortly after he added that for now he hopes to heal in time for his tour and is not canceling anything at the moment. His world tour will begin June 28 in Austin. THEOn March 5, 2025 he will perform with Pusha T at the Forum in Milan.