Iosonouncane releases a new unreleased song today

Iosonouncane releases a new unreleased song today

I'm a dog presents the new unreleased “Viudas”a song that is part of the soundtrack of the new Netflix TV series Brigandsreleased today, April 23, and set in mid-nineteenth century southern Italy, written by the collective of young authors GRAMS*, produced by Fabula Pictures and Los Hermanos srl, directed by Antonio Le Fosse, Steve Saint Leger and Nicola Sorcinelli.

In this regard the artist declares:

Two years ago, when I was asked to write a song for a TV series in progress entitled “Briganti”, I decided to put my hand to an idea born on the piano during the recording of the voices of IRA, in September 2019. The series is finally released on Netflix and the song, which is called Viudas, can be found in episode number 3 and on all streaming platforms.

The song also finds space in the soundtrack of the series “Ojos”taken from the album “Anger” released in 2021.

After completing the European tour of the latest album at the end of 2022 “Anger” with a soldout date in Barcelona, Jacob Over the last year and a half he has dedicated himself to writing music for images and soundtracks, experimenting in his studio.

In the meantime there have also been some record releases: it was released in June 2023 “Jalitah”, the album in duo with Paolo Angelirecorded live in 2018. In autumn 2023 Iosonouncane released “Here we fall towards the icy bottom (Concerts 2021-22)” a new live triple featuring material recorded in the three tours undertaken after the release of “Anger”, which features 2/3 of totally new material.

It came out in April 2023 “Expire”, debut of Daniela Pesentirely produced by Iosononuncane and released on his own Tanca Recordswhich has won prestigious awards. Among these the special prize of the Rockol Awards in the “emerging artist” category