Even rock stars age: the Bon Jovi doc shows us how

Jon Bon Jovi: “I will never be a victim of the music business”

Jon Bon Jovi he promised he would “never become a victim of the music business.” The American musician made this rather demanding statement during an interview with the British newspaper The Sun.

The New Jersey rocker revealed he was horrified by one of his musical heroes, Elvis Presley, being misled by his manager to die at 42, in August 1977, of a heart attack after years of a high-fat diet and pill addiction. “The late 1960s Elvis dressed in black leather? He was the sexiest man alive. At the end of his life, however, he was misled by his manager. I would never want to become a victim of the music business.”

This attention to artistic longevity can also be applied to the title of the new album by

Bon Jovi “Forever”, out today. Regarding the title of the album and the long recording career of the group, which began in 1984, with the album “Bon Jovi” he explained: “I thought everyone had given so much for so long, 40 years. Who knows if we'll be around to be 50, let alone make records? This was a great milestone to reach.”

Jon also outlined what he believes has been the strength that has always kept his band together. “Someone might have gotten drunk or gone on some kind of trip, and then woken up in the morning and said, 'OK, fine, let's go.' Tico (Torres, the drummer of Bon Jovi, ed.) wasn't a big drinker. He was always angry and had to deal with it. But, with a snap of his fingers, he gave up and hasn't had a drink for over 30 years.”

The singer also revealed how he managed to dodge the many pitfalls of rock hedonism: “I just didn't have the mental strength to take drugs.” Plus he has always had a bad relationship with fame. “For me the success was confusing, it wasn't as enjoyable as it was for the guys in the band. I was wondering, 'How can I do this tomorrow night and the night after?' This took a toll on me emotionally. If there's one thing I wish I could say to my younger self, it's: 'Have more fun.'”