"Johnny Depp? The worst guitarist I've ever seen"

“Johnny Depp? The worst guitarist I've ever seen”

A judgment without appeal, very severe, even if linked to the past. The record company that signed i Mötley Crüe hey Guns N' Roses, his name is Tom Zutaut, stated that Johnny Depp “he's the worst guitarist I've ever listened to”. Zutaut is an A&R and in a recent interview on the X5 podcast he revealed that he immediately failed an audition for a band in which Depp played electric guitar before he became famous in Hollywood.

I thought Johnny Depp would never become a rock star. The story is really funny, because he auditioned in front of me twice. I go to one and find out the manager is a friend of mine and he says, 'I got this band from Jacksonville, they're amazing.' But they were terrible and Johnny Depp was the worst guitarist I'd ever seen. But his charisma was crazyso I said to the manager: 'Listen, man, the band isn't going to make it, but you should get an agent for this guy and put him on TV or in a movie: he's a star, but his songs suck and his musicianship sucks it's terrible'”. Only a few months later, Zutaut recalled, Depp managed to find an agent and landed a role in the television series 21 Jump Street. Depp today, in addition to being a world-famous actor, is also a member of the supergroup Hollywood Vampires along with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of Aerosmith.