Indie Like Me: Ashes' Identikit

Indie Like Me: Ashes’ Identikit

Ashes is the protagonist of Indie Like Mea roundup of emerging talents on the Italian scene curated by TuneCore.

Born in 1997, Serena Ventre, Ashes graduated in Songwriting at the ICMP in London: after returning to Italy after four years spent in the English capital, she left her hometown, Genoa, to move to Rome, where she dedicates herself entirely to music, often performing in concert, organizing musical events and teaching songwriting. In 2022, the artist collaborated on the productions of the artists Alfa (“Parigi”) and Tedua (“Lo-Fi For U”), and won the Giorgio Calabrese award in the Best Author category of the Bindi Prize with the song “Belgio”. In 2023, she won the SanNolo Festival with the single “Mai apposta”.

“Attenta”, the third and penultimate track from his first concept EP, will be released on July 5th.

“The choice of my stage name, Ashes, comes from a verse in the Bible, Isaiah 61.3: it says that instead of our ashes we will be given a crown of beauty,” explains the artist: “It may sound a bit banal, but I feel like I’ve always been making music. When I was little I sang, then I started taking violin lessons. Being an independent artist also allows me to choose the team, the people who surround me, who are important to me, who are in the foreground. I’m grateful to Ben Cavendish and Francesco Pepe, my producers, who do a billion other things.”

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“My next single is ‘Attenta’ and it’s coming out on July 5th,” Ashes concluded: “I hope you like it. Let me know what you think, see you around…”