Humanist releases a new single dedicated to Mark Lanegan

Humanist releases a new single dedicated to Mark Lanegan

After the singles “The Beginning (My God)” And “Too Many Rivals“, Today Humanist makes the new available single “Brother”, taken from the next album 'On The Edge Of A Lost And Lonely World' out July 26th via Bella Union.

The song, with the emotional voice of Dave Gahan of the Depeche Modeis a touching tribute to the great Mark Lanegan (passed away February 22, 2022) with whom Rob Marshall (Humanist) collaborated on albums “Gargoyle” And “Somebody's Knocking”.

Commenting on the song Rob Marshall says:

A week after Lanegan disappeared, Ed Harcourt contacted me about an idea. He remembered Mark's habit of affectionately calling his closest friends “brother.” He always called me that too. This affectionate term alluded to a closeness similar to that of a united family. The song was later titled “Brother”. Listening to it again for the first time, immersed in the music, the emotions increased and the memories invaded my mind. Initially overwhelmed, I was moved to tears by the sheer power of it all. Dave Gahan, another long-time friend of Mark's, seemed perfect for the vocals and, after hearing the song, completely agreed. The piece came to life further when more of Mark's former friends entered the scene: Isobel Campbell's haunting cello, Sietse van Gorkom's vibrant strings – all woven together in a cathartic symphony of remembrance and reverence. It's a humble tribute to a colossal soul, undeniably fitting.

In addition to Dave Gahan, “On The Edge Of A Lost And Lonely World” features an all-star cast of voice talent including Tim Smith (Midlake/Harp), Isobel Campbell, Ed Harcourt, James Allan (Glasvegas), Peter Hayes (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Carl Hancox Rux and more.

After the self-titled debut, “On the Edge of a Lost and Lonely World” is the project's second album Humanist by Rob Marshallwell-known guitarist of Exit Calm and collaborator of Mark Lanegan. This work highlights the vocal talents of various iconic artists. The album is characterized by a strong emotional charge, with guitars that range from rock'n'roll to ethereal sweetness, and reflects Marshall's experiences, highlighting his growth as a songwriter and producer.

The Humanist's first album was a mix of melody and noise, with contributions from artists such as Mark Lanegan and Dave Gahan. It was an ambitious project, but the launch was hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Subsequently, the death of Mark Lanegan, Marshall's friend and collaborator, profoundly affected the artist. Despite these difficulties, Marshall continued to develop his own style, creating an album that explores existential themes.

My head is in clouds of thoughts and imagination,” Rob reflects, “but I'm driven to be as real and authentic as possible musically, trying to move forward and use everything I have; it was never a choice, but the one thing I always felt I could do: swim with the tide, accept your destiny, ride the waves. I'm a shy person, but on stage my guitar takes me to a place of innate confidence, so I think that's where I feel most comfortable.”

Album tracklist:

1. The Beginning (My God) ft Carl Hancock Rux
2. Happy ft Ed Harcourt
3. Too Many Rivals ft. Tim Smith
4. The Immortal ft Ed Harcourt
5. This Holding Pattern ft James Cox
6. Brother ft Dave Gahan
7. Born To Be ft. Peter Hayes
8. Keep Me Safe ft. Rachel Fannan
9. Dark Side Of Your Window ft James Allan
10. Love You More ft. Isobel Campbell
11. Lonely Night ft Madman Butterfly
12. The Presence Of Haman ft Madman Butterfly
13. The End ft Madman Butterfly